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Truck-Sharing - How it works

Truck Sharing Examples

UniMove is happy to offer a TruckSharing discount of 30-40% to customers who meet two criteria: 1) Your Move Date must be flexible (or your stuff can be stored temporarily where UniMove can access it later),

and 2) You must have Less than a truck-full (2-3 BR / 400-1000 cubic feet) of stuff.

Instead of two clients paying for two small trucks, UniMove "partners" people heading the same direction around the same time.  Customers agree/compromise on their dates, we use ONE 26' truck (and maybe trailer), and UniMove still gets across the country FAST. Still NO off-loads, NO warehouses, NO sub-contractors. Clients split all costs* according to how much space they use and where they are going.

*truck, fuel, labor hours, hotels, per diem, return airfare, tolls, etc.

It's a "Win, Win, Win" for everyone...(except the truck rental companies).

​​As with everything in life, there are things to consider: 

  • Truck Sharing does not work for X-Large moves. If you need a 26' truck pulling a trailer, there is no room for anyone else.

  • Availability and price are affected by when and where you are moving. If you're headed to Alaska, we probably won't find you a TruckShare partner this week.

  • Scheduling gets complicated.  Several more things need to align for a job to go smoothly. If you are wanting to TruckShare, FLEXIBILITY is paramount.

  • There is the common problem of under-estimating how much stuff you have. 60% of clients have underestimated.  Some are significantly off.  You will be kept within your reserved space and NOT encroach on the other customer's reserved space. 

UniMove requires customers to complete  this online Truck Wizard tool  which determines how many cubic feet you need.  The tool takes you room-by-room, you click on what you have, and in 5-10 minutes it tells you what size truck you would need.  From that, I know how many linear feet of truck you need.  (26' long x 8' wide x 8.5' high = 1768 cubic ft).  Most 2 Bedroom Apartments easily fit into 13 linear feet (or Half) of this. 

  • Have realistic expectations.  I like a "75% Off Sale" more than most people.  But Movers don't have the problem of overstock on last year's fashions, and are never so desperate they'll work for less than minimum wage.  If all your other quotes are $3000-$5000, please don't have me spend an hour writing a proposal for you, and then say, "My budget is $1000."  It's just not realistic.

UniMove builds a plywood partition wall after the first customer is loaded: there is ZERO chance of either customer's items getting off-loaded in the wrong city.

There is still too much information to write here. Give us a call and we will explain several other ways UniMove makes TruckSharing a money-saving option for everyone.

Something to think about: Big-Name Moving Rigs carry 2, 3, even 4 families' stuff. Where is THEIR page offering huge discounts?


A 53 foot Moving 18-wheeler.
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