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Pay UniMove

UniMOVE follows standard protocol requiring a security deposit.  We pay for an expensive truck, buy non-refundable airfare, arrange schedules, but most importantly we decline all other offers for work during your schedule.  A deposit dissuades you from changing your mind to sign with a cut-throat who underbid UniMOVE by $200.  UniMOVE's integrity and Fidelity Bond insure we will honor our part of the contract; A security deposit helps protect us from cut-throats and flaky people.

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​​Zelle, a service of major banks, is free to both you and me, and is therefore UniMOVE's preferred method of deposit.  Scan the QR to the left or I can send you a request.  With NO processing fees (wow!) I am happy to accept Zelle for your entire payment.  They do have a $2000-$3000 daily limit for most customers (which doesn't cover most balances), so be ready to make payments from two accounts (husband/wife, personal/business acct) or make partial payments a day or two early, when I am halfway to your new house.


I no longer accept PayPal (who also owns Venmo). Their actions during the Trucker protest of 2021 were unforgivable.  (And their 3% fee is greedy.)  Please read what they did and follow your conscience.

Of course UniMOVE.US accepts Cash and Cashiers Checks.  We can accept Credit/Debit cards, Apple, Android, but the fees they charge will be added to your balance.  When the average job is $8000, 2% (Most Credit Cards) is $160, and 3% is $240.

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