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Honest Moving

Like I say on my "About Me" page, when this career presented itself, I knew the industry was in dire need of integrity.  Growing up in a NAVY family, we moved a lot, and the most passionate stories my Southern Baptist parents told were of dishonest movers who scammed and stole from my family.  It's my mission to be a good guy.

Then, by doing things differently, UniMove is cheaper, faster, safer, and just better.


Before i illuminate your choices, take a minute to see these shocking statistics that support my claims about other "Moving Companies."

Now, let's look at your options. 

Lady's facial reaction to expensive Fool Service Quote

Full-Service Big Corporate Movers' prices are crazy!  You're literally paying for offices buildings, huge warehouses, fleets of big rigs, forklifts, and hierarchies of Admin  (w/ obscene paychecks), and infamous corporate greed.  They shuffle your stuff from your house to Truck 1, to a Warehouse, then to Truck 2, (probably Warehouse 2, and Truck 3).  This process is labor intensive (expensive), super S L O W,  and creates exponentially greater chance for damage or loss.  To think THIS is the way all the big companies do it is insane.  The good news found UniMove.

Jalopy Moving Truck with all your stuff strapped to the sky.
A screenshot of my competition's high prices

Brokers - Most people advertising as a Moving Company are actually just Brokers,  middle-men who take 30% for doing little more than sub-contracting your job to the cheapest guys. 

Cheap Guys - Unfortunately (for you and me), this industry is so cut-throat, that according to, about 40% of brokers/movers routinely use low-quote scams to get work.  They say all the right things and quote an incredible price. There's just one problem: They have NO intention of honoring that low price. They know two things: First, hidden in their fine print are little intentionally confusing or vague terms that negate or supersede their verbal promises.  Second, they know from experience that after you sign their contract and pay a large deposit, they can get your belongings on their truck, double their price, and after all the rage and tears, most people will realize they are screwed and pay up. If you refuse, or can't afford it, they will hold your stuff hostage, and add exorbitant storage fees until you pay.  If you get lucky enough to avoid this type of scammer, your stuff is likely to be stored in a warehouse until the broker finds someone cheap enough. I see alot of THESE "Hillbilly" type of Mover's rigs running the interstates.  Pray it doesn't rain. 

Unimove gets calls/texts (see sidebar) regularly from people whose mover is doubling  the price on moving day; sometimes it's someone for whom I wrote a Proposal - "Sorry Bobby, we signed with a company who 'beat your price' by a few hundred, but now they are demanding double.  Can you help?"​  Don't fall victim to these crooks.  Support Honest small-business.  Support UniMove. 

PODS / UBox -  PODS earns a horrible 1.13 out of 5 Stars from customers on the Better Business Bureau.  But it gets worse. They pay at least 3 sites who are part of a burgeoning industry of FAKE or deceptive online reviews whose ranking is 100% bought and paid for.  Even formerly reputable organizations are selling out: Forbes, Newsweek, and US News all rank, award, or write "feature" articles which are paid-for puff-pieces.  The fact they pay sites to obfuscate their real customers' experiences should be ALL YOU NEED to know.  Tricky.  I don't have thousands of reviews, but I do have 4.9 stars and every single review is real. *ask me about the one bad review.

Ubox gets pulled cross-country by an amateur driver who happened to rent a U-Haul truck.  It's a good thing 20 and 30-somethings aren't addicted to their phones while driving...

A Mover Carrying Cardboard boxes

Doing-it-Yourself sounds good at first:  You are the most trustworthy, cost-effective person to pack your boxes and carry them to the truck, but... 1) Are you sure you can pack the truck for max usage of space and damage prevention?  2) Can you really drive a loaded moving truck (and trailer) through gas stations cross-country? 3) Can your body handle both, and really... 4) Do you need to? 


Sorry it seems sensational; I'm just giving you facts: DIYers  wreck rental trucks every... single... day.    Look at These.  Consider the exhaustion and stress from weeks of prepping... Consider the day after day   l  o  n  g   boring drive. Consider the distractions, phone calls, kids, pets, traffic... Consider your valuables.  It is a recipe for disaster.  

UniMove offers a better option:

  • About half the price of Full-Service, and only slightly more than trying to DIY.

  • We load once, and go straight to your new city. No off-loads. No warehouses.

  • Unimove honors the Contract. No scams. No hidden fees.

UniMove can (optionally) come a few days early to pack, then bring the truck, load with either your team (saving you money) or ours, we drive directly to your new city, help team two unload, and we fly home.  Easy and efficient.  When challenges appear, we prefer to exceed expectations rather than whine and nickel and dime.  Our reviews attest to this. 

  • If there is a road to it, we will go anywhere in Continental 49 states (including Alaska).  Many companies won't go off the beaten path, or charge a huge premium to do so.

  • Most moving options take 10-20 days to get across country. Box Truck 1 is (1st) loaded at your old place, (2nd) unloaded at regional distribution warehouse.  Days (a week?) later, an 18-wheeler or sub-contractor arrives, your stuff is (3rd) loaded again, driven across country, (4th) unloaded to yet another warehouse, (5th) reloaded to Box Truck 2, and finally at your destination Movers unload. Your stuff is moved 6 times!  They call this "efficient."

  • Every time your stuff is moved, chances of damage increase.  When that happens, finding someone to make it right will be a nightmare.

  • While your stuff inchworms across America, you burn money at hotels and restaurants,  you crash at relatives', or camp in an empty house.

  • Corporate bureaucracy and greed is the antithesis to personal service.  You hear it in their voices and in their policies.  They don't really care, or worse, they really don't care.

​UniMove is the business name for Acumen Driving Specialists, LLC, Incorporated and licensed in Los Angeles CA. Unimove has federally required $75,000 Fidelity Bond and Arbitration program through membership in US Movers Association.  UniMove's driver's DMV and criminal records are spotless, and UniMove's contract price will not increase (as long as you are ready and everything is as you said it was).  We ARE NOT a Broker who subs-out your job. Ask all this from other movers and listen to their awkward pauses or shifty jibber-jabber.  Demand documentation.  UniMove / Acumen's is here.

​You probably still have questions.  Call or Email Today.  Video Calls Welcome.  We use Android phones. iPhones users must video call using WhatsApp, Facebook, or Google Meet.

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