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Acumen Driving Specialists LLC

Drive-Away & Transport Services

Acumen Driving Specialists was built on two truths: We love driving (day after day), and we're good at it. Some driving situations require skill, licensing, focus and stamina few people have.


"Drive-Away" Services is a part of the transport industry where a commercially-licensed professional drives customer-owned vehicles. There are several situations in which paying Acumen to drive your vehicle is a better choice than DIY or having it hauled.  The following are examples with which we already have experience, but if your exact needs are not here, please contact me today; I'm always looking to add to my resume.


Moving with Your SUV/Truck or Car

The Rental Truck is by far the biggest expense on regular Moving proposals. Letting us drive your SUV, Truck, and even car pulling a trailer is a smart way to save up to 75%.  Having a $300 hitch installed on your vehicle is a solid investment from which you will see a @$200 back when you sell your car.  You can rent a U-Haul trailer up to 6'x12' (375 cu ft), but if you have an SUV or truck, you can look into buying a much bigger trailer and selling it on the other side.

A Heavy-Duty Pickup Truck pulling a Huge Boat at a scenic stop on the Sea of Cortez, Baja Sur, Mexico

Mexico Transport

As real estate becomes an unattainable dream in America, Mexico's Baja Peninsula is booming. The 1000 mile road to La Paz and Cabo, though, is not to be taken lightly, and for a few reasons is often called "Via de los Muertos" ...the road of death.  For safety, Acumen rolls with a 2-man team, one of whom is a dual citizen Baja California native fluent in Spanish. We are also familiar with the extensive regulations necessary to cross the border with your things, the different way drivers drive in Mexico, the safest places to stop for the night, and other valuable info.

A 35' RV driven by UniMove

Large Vehicle Drive-Away


Some vehicles are too big to put on trailers designed for CARS.  You can haul them on an 18-wheeler flatbed / lowboy ... just be sitting down when you get their PRICES!  Once you regain consciousness call Acumen.  Adding a couple/few thousand miles to the odometer is no big deal, and after all new fluids changes and premium fuel, highway miles are actually good for your engine.


Bobby and a Customer's New Specialty Truck

EXPEDITED & LOADED Vehicle Drive-Away

Sometimes you need a vehicle delivered cross-country ASAP.  Transporters take (on average) 15-20 days Coast to Coast as they zig-zag across the country dropping off and picking up other cars.  Importantly they will NOT allow any cargo!  Consider what a car-load of stuff would cost to ship via USPS/FedEx/or UPS ($1000 - $2000). It is almost a no-brainer to pay Acumen to DRIVE your packed vehicle across the US in 3-4 days...the cargo is FREE.


When each daily load is worth a LOT of money, when roads from the farms are winding, narrow, mountain-roads, and at harvest-time when everyone else is working 14 hour days, 6 days per week, it is paramount that your driver has a proven record of performance without incidents.  Acumen is well acquainted with Agricultural Industry best practices and I love the country.

Bobby and a TruckLoad of Grapes worth $200,000
Bobby Driving a Right-hand-Drive Car in Ireland

​​​​​Overseas Driving

The #1 killer of Americans overseas is not terrorism, disease, or crime. Most years it's car crashes.  In countries that drive on the left, a momentary lapse into your regular driving habits can ruin your trip...or your life.  I've logged 20k miles in 5 countries that drive on the "wrong" side in Right-Hand drive vehicles. I clean up surprisingly well, and can be your executive assistant.  I love to travel, so my quote might pleasantly surprise you.


Besides the more advanced skill set required, people who attempt driving wide-loads are often  unprepared for the fatigue that invariably comes from high concentration and stress.  If you think driving a wide load will be like a leisurely drive in your passenger car, you are dangerously mistaken.  In some states wide loads require permits, outfitting the vehicle and trailer with special flags, banners, lights, etc.  Acumen Driving Specialists is familiar with all these processes; why subject yourself to all that hassle when Acumen can handle it for you?

A Heavy Duty truck and Wide-load Boat
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