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Acumen's Reviews on Better Business Bureau

Since 1912, the Better Business Bureau has been the benchmark of excellence in Consumer Advocacy and providing the public with information on who to do business with and who to beware.  Because Acumen/UniMove was intentionally cultivated on new uncharted territory, outside the known boundaries of traditional Moving Companies, the BBB is cautiously declining to officially grade us with an A+ rating, but as Acumen continues to strive for excellence and work with the BBB, it will happen.

Acumen on facebook

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Let's face it, facebook is the king of social media. Though I knew I'd eventually build this website, facebook was a great temporary page for years where I could earn reviews, share pics, stories, and relevant info with potential clients and past clients (who usually become friends).  As Acumen continues to grow, fb will be right there continuing to grow with us. Truth is, I update it far more often than this page.  Check it out.

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Click here to PASTE your pre-written Review into Google, (then paste it into all the other sites.)  I really appreciate it.

​Acumen's Reviews on YELP

At risk of turning Yelp against me, I am compelled to say what a LOT of other business owners are saying about Yelp.  They are just like the Mafia.  They employ highly unethical arm-twisting tactics that are commonly to considered extortion. Because I refuse to pay Yelp, they say nearly half my authentic reviews are "suspicious" and categorize them as "Not Recommended." See them here.  If you want HOURS of fascinating reading, just type "Yelp sucks" into any search engine and see thousands of complaints against them.  Not only can I promise you all my reviews are real, customers who wrote them are on my references list and you can ask them yourself.  Make the market a better place and STOP using Yelp.

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