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Paying UniMove / Acumen

In order to book your job, Acumen follows standard protocol and requires a non-refundable security deposit.  Besides reserving your truck, buying airfare, arranging schedules, and declining all other offers to work during your scheduled job, your deposit is mostly intended to dissuade contracted customers from trying to cancel.  Acumen's $75,000 Fidelity Bond insures we will honor our part of the contract; We hope you understand we need protection too.

Acumen accepts many forms of electronic payment.

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​Venmo is Acumen's favorite method of payment.  It's free and super easy.  There are two slight problems though. 1) It works only on your mobile devices, and 2) there is a daily limit which your final balance may exceed.   My name on Venmo is "Robert Burke@UniMove" my email is

​​Many large banks are incorporating Zelle into their banking apps (both mobile and computer).  Zelle is free, but not as simple as Venmo, and again, there are daily limits.  Find us under 408.883.7483 or

PayPal, the granddaddy of all electronic payment methods, is top-notch consumer protection, and has this nifty link (to the left) that makes it simple to pay me.  Unfortunately, they charge me a 3% fee. Read below...

Of course Acumen takes Cash, Cashiers Checks, Money Orders, etc.  We are open to using your preferred form of payment such as Credit/Debit cards, PayPal, Apple, Android, but the fees they charge Acumen will be added to your balance.  When the average job is $5000, 2% (Most Credit Cards) is $100, and 3% (PayPal) is $150.  

Once your deposit is made and accepted, your job is booked, and I will see you soon.

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